Study with Buddies and
Nail the Knowledge

StudyHammer helps you learn by sending questions in push notifications. They come from Study Guides created by you, your teachers, and your Buddies.

You can study with your Buddies and learn in bite-sized chunks, so it doesn't feel like studying.

As you answer questions, you can also play our Landmark Game (+ Fun Facts), by earning Building Blocks with your answers.

And now, with distance / remote learning, StudyHammer's push notifications also serve as a gentle reminder to study at home, or on-the-go.

Ding – time to study!



In late-2018, StudyHammer was invented by Jaidin, a 16-year-old in Southern California. He had the idea of having to answer a study question to unlock his phone. He knew he and his friends would do it all day, but it wouldn't feel like studying.

Later, he mentioned it to his dad, Tom, while they were reviewing his homework and getting ready for a test. They decided to give it a shot.

Tom partnered with Dean, a long-time family friend and successful tech entrepreneur, to design and build a basic, functional prototype.

They shared it with some Students and Teachers they knew. After receiving positive feedback, they recruited a development team who began building StudyHammer. The rest is history.

BTW, Jaidin's nickname is Hammer.
(Ding – time to study, Hammer! 🤓🔨)




Intuitively designed, using your phone behavior, ability, and habits to help you learn.


If you're not sure of an Answer, Show lets you take a peek, or you can Skip to the next one.


Don't feel like waiting? Want to go head-to-head with a buddy? We've got you covered.


You can see a list of all of the Study Guides shared with each one of your Buddies.


See which Study Buddies have the longest Answer Streak on shared Study Guides.


Questions are sent in order of the Study Guides, or they can be sent in random order.



The goal of our Landmark Game (+ Fun Facts) was to make studying stink less. You have the ability to "build" historic Landmarks (and get interesting nuggets of trivia), simply by answering Questions. Play while you learn!

House of the Blackheads, Latvia
Click or tap for a larger image.

Answering 5 Questions earns a Building Block and each Landmark is completed with 10 Blocks.

In Easy mode, you earn a Building Block when you attempt 5 Answers, regardless of getting them correct or incorrect.

Change it to Difficult mode and you'll only earn a Building Block after you get 5 Answers correct.

Each Building Block comes with a multidisciplinary Fun Fact in geography, science, history, and more.



Normally, after a free 30 day trial, StudyHammer is just $14.99 per student, for 12 months from your date of purchase. But during our Open Beta, we're extending the free trial to 60 days.

We also offer group pricing for everything from a neighborhood pod, homeschool co-op, or an entire public school district. Please email for group pricing details.