Study with Buddies and
Nail the Knowledge

StudyHammer is a flexible and customizable learning system for today's educational environment, making it easier for Students to study and Teachers to track progress.

Designed for use in a classroom, at home, and even on-the-go, StudyHammer lets Students study with their Buddies and learn in bite-sized doses, so it doesn't feel like studying.

And now, with the recent rise of distance learning and its myriad distractions, StudyHammer's push notifications also serve as a gentle reminder.

Ding – time to study!


What if students had to answer a Study Question to unlock their phone? And what if they could study with their Buddies while they're in class, at home, or on-the-go?

Meet StudyHammer. It's a patent-pending app that sends scheduled study questions in push notifications.

We help students learn in bite-sized chunks throughout the day, so it doesn't feel like studying.

It's kind of like having a Study Buddy that never gets tired of asking questions!


What if Students had to answer a Question to unlock their phone? They would end up studying in bite-sized doses throughout the day, but it wouldn't feel like studying.

Meet StudyHammer. Now, their phone can quiz them, using Study Guides.

Intro to Study Guides

StudyHammer revolves around its Study Guides, which can be created by Publishers, Teachers, and Students. They are made of a Subject (Class) and Topic (Chapter, Unit, Lesson), with Questions in short answer and multiple choice formats.


Add Questions to create a Study Guide, by importing a spreadsheet, copy / paste, or manually typing them. StudyHammer will send them in push notifications.


Students can set the times they want to actively get Questions and how many they want per hour.


Send a Study Guide to 1 Student, a group of Students, or an entire class. This creates a Student's Study Buddies.



Intuitively designed. Matches the behavior, ability, and habits of today's Students.


If they're not sure of an Answer, Show lets Students take a peek, or they can Skip to the next one.


If they don't feel like waiting, or want to go head-to-head with a Buddy, they can tap Study Now.


Students can see a list of all of the Study Guides shared with each of their Buddies.


See which Study Buddies have the longest Answer Streak on shared Study Guides.


Questions are sent in order of the Study Guides, or they can be sent in random order.


Normally, after a 30 day free trial, StudyHammer is just $14.99 per student, for 12 months from the date of purchase. But during our Open Beta, we're extending the free trial to 60 days.

We also offer group pricing for everything from a neighborhood pod or homeschool co-op, to an entire public school district. Please email for group pricing details.

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If you have questions, or if we can help with anything else, drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you.