For Teachers and Parents, we bundle the StudyHammer app with a comprehensive and data-driven back-end solution. This lets them take a hub-and-spoke approach, so they can review the progress of one student, the entire classroom, or a smaller group of Students, like a family.

It also aggregates all Students' data into a suite of reports and analytics, with the ability to do exports. This gives a broad overview of the Study Guides in each class, with the option to drill down to an individual Student, for a specific Subject and Topic.


Unlike other solutions on the market that provide a curated, finite amount of content, StudyHammer lets Teachers create an unlimited number of Study Guides, using their own curriculum.

We've taken the functionality of the app, with data and administrative features, to create the free Teacher Portal. This makes creating, managing, and sharing Study Guides faster and easier, and gives Teachers visibility into each Student's progress.

If you are a Teacher and want to use StudyHammer with your Students, please register for access to our free Teacher Portal.

They can easily create a Study Guide by importing a CSV, copying and pasting from the Teacher's Edition of their curriculum, or by writing their own.

Inside each Study Guide, the Questions can be short answer, multiple choice, or a combination of both.

With the multiple choice format, a randomized algorithm puts the correct Answer in a different slot each time it's viewed, across all Students. This helps enhance learning and avoid cheating.

From there, Teachers have a variety of customization options, to create different use cases and teaching scenarios that meet the needs of their Students.

Share Study Guides with other Teachers, to split the workload

Assign a Study Guide as homework, or an in-class project

Conduct a quiz during class, with the Study Now button

Create Study Guide games, to keep Students active and interested

Manage a database of Students, classes, and study guides

Track performance through graphs and charts, in real-time

Visualize progress of Questions viewed, skipped, and answered

Export data in XLS, PDF, or CSV format, for a specific date range

Tailor the number of push notifications per hour

Remove Study Guides they've created from their Students' app

Pause Study Guides on Students' app, without removing them

Shuffle the Study Guides and Questions, to be delivered randomly

View available Landmarks (with Fun Facts), for future lesson plans

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During registration, your child will provide your email address. We'll send you a Welcome Parent email with a secure login (and a temporary password) to our Parent Portal. It will have charts for your child, exportable tables, and you'll even be able to review Correct vs. Incorrect and Skip vs. Show.

If you did not receive a Welcome Parent email, it can be resent. Double check the email address in Account Settings on your child's app and tap the Resend button. We'll resend it to that email address.

You can also see their current list of Active Study Guides and monitor their progress in each. You'll get insight into how they're reacting to the Questions. Are they trying, showing, or just skipping?

Activate the Landmark Game (with Fun Facts) to make their studying suck less. They'll earn a Building Block after every 5 Answers, plus a Fun Fact about that Landmark's region, history, construction, people, etc. Every 10 Building Blocks, they'll complete a Landmark.

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By reviewing their progress with them, you'll help build their confidence, affirm they're learning (even when it's in a slow phase, at least they're moving forward), and instill a lifelong search for knowledge by making it fun.

Sneak a peek ahead. That way, you can tell them you think their next Landmark will be at the top of a mountain. Or, it's something that leans and the country reminds you of a boot. #MagicParent

Help set their available times. Teach younger kids how activity and time are connected. Help older kids learn that time, as well as money, can be budgeted. You can also set aside uninterrupted family time, such as dinner.

Review the charts and data with them. Help younger kids start to learn how to visually connect vague concepts (studying) with the idea of progress (compare to charts, graphs). Older kids will learn how to dissect data and design / execute a plan to improve.

Scroll through their new Landmarks. All kids (and yes, even parents) will enjoy digging deeper into the Fun Facts. How and why was limestone chosen for the Great Pyramid? What are the other 7 Wonders and when were they built? Who is a known figure that was alive around those times?

For kids intrigued by STEM-ish type things. You can do a full export of their data, over a customizable period of time. They can setup power queries, pivot tables, sumifs, and sparklines to really have fun geeking out.

For kids that have their own, loveable quirks. If they like things in no order, turn on Shuffle for their Questions. Or, if they prefer order, leave it as-is and they'll go straight down their list of Active Study Guides, over and over.

The point is, we tried to make StudyHammer helpful and interesting for everyone. If you have more ideas, send us an email. We'd love to hear them.